Saturday, 24 April 2010

Yugoslavian M56 - New Spec - "Poor Man's MP40"

Top three photos of my M56 are courtesy of Rytons who sold me it.

As you can see, the M56 submachine gun was very much a poor man's MP40, which it copied after WW2, and as I write, this is the closest I ever got to owning the iconic Schmeisser (Erma) machine gun - apart from the one my Action Man had!

It was blowback operated, full automatic-only weapon that fired from open bolt. The bolt system is of simple design, with exposed, large diameter return spring. The cocking handle is located at the right side of the bolt and doubles as a manual safety - pushing it inwards locks the bolt in open or closed position. The stock is copied from MP40 and folds down and forward to save the length. Sights are of open type, with flip-up rear, marked for 100 and 200 meters range. One unusual feature of M56 is that it has a bayonet lug on the barrel and thus can accept a knife-bayonet.

Sub Machine Gun M56
Serial number D46059
Caliber 7.62mm
Barrel length 10"

Deactivated 13.03.2007
Certificate present



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